Network Installation & Support

After installation, troubleshooting can account for as much as 90 percent of a network administrator’s job.

JANO builds, configures, and maintains all workstations we provide. We provide anti-virus, spyware support on all workstations as well as workstation optimization and management.

JANO can assist remotely and on-site with any workstation issue:

  • Diagnose and identify root-cause issues for performance and security related issues with the workstation

  • Ensure that the workstation is free of any virus, mal-ware, ad-ware, etc. This includes a full detection and removal of security threats

  • Identify and resolve issues related to poor performance with the workstation. This includes disk defragmentation, clean up of startup files, clean cache, hardware troubleshooting, etc.

  • Keep your workstation up to date, identify any patch anomalies with the workstation applications, and ensure all patch levels are current with the workstation

  • Proactively backup the critical data stored in your workstation and protect yourself from any critical data loss or failure of hard disks

Performance testing

Performance testing can verify that a system meets the specifications claimed by its manufacturer or vendor.  The process can compare two or more devices or programs in terms of parameters such as speed, data transfer rate, bandwidth, throughput, efficiency, or reliability.

Performance testing can also be used as a diagnostic aid in locating communications bottlenecks. Often a system will work much better if a problem is resolved at a single point or in a single component. For example, even the fastest computer will function poorly on today’s Web if the connection occurs at only 40 to 50 Kbps (kilobits per second).

Slow data transfer rate may be inherent in hardware but can also result from software-related problems, such as:

  • Too many applications running at the same time

  • A corrupted file in a Web browser

  • A security exploit

  • Robust antivirus software

  • The existence of active malware on the hard disk.

Effective performance testing can quickly identify the nature or location of a software-related performance problem.