Court Case Management Solution


CIRRUS Cloud and On-Premise Court Case Management Solution

One FULLY INTEGRATED solution for the entire courthouse.  Whether your preference is an out of the box solution or a tightly integrated best of breed solution JANO has you covered.

Easy system flow

Our system is easy to use and navigate with multiple searching options and qualifiers to help the system flow; so there isn’t any need for back and forth or copy and paste.  If a reduction in staff or a drop in the mbudget is your pain, know our system will help you get more done with fewer resources, by allowing multiple clerks to have access to the same case and documents at the same time, speeds up processing significantly.  Docket sheets and Images can also be on the same screen or opened up as a separate screen to make it easier to process.

Responsive design

We understand courthouses need to be flexible with staffing and with a system as easy to use as ours that means that training is also easy to do. 

Responsive design allows means for your community that they can use any mobile device or tablet to access the system and that it will right-size itself to the device that they are using.

Is your server at the end of its life?  Are you protecting the data in your courthouse the way you should be?  If the answer is no, we have solutions that fit many situations and can easily end your nightmares.  From hosting your server in our modern, climate-controlled, video-monitored data center to our eBusiness solutions, we can help you do everything from eFile you court papers to remote appearances and video conferencing.  JANO has you covered from ANYWHERE 24 hours a day.

Don’t know where to start?  You are not the only ones.  It’s impossible to keep up with all the changing technology out there and processes to get it done fast and right.  We understand and have over 30 years of consulting with courthouses of all sizes and complexities.  Let our consultants come in and show you all the ways we can help.  Please contact us below for a free consultation.

From managing your ever-changing office, the business processes of the courthouse, and everything that comes with it from calendaring to managing what courtrooms are being used or your running state or AOIC reports.

If you are running paperless or still in the process of convincing everyone in the courthouse that it is safe, faster, and more accessible than the old traditional way of doing things with paper.

If you are looking for an easier way to resolve disputes and pay citations online 24 hours a day.

If you are looking to eFile a document or access any of the millions of documents that are eFiled in Illinois.

If you are a jury member looking to navigate and answer any questions you might have.